Unrivaled Rey Fenix Aztec Gear AEW Supreme Series 3


Rise from the ashes as Rey Fenix leaps into AEW Supreme Collection Series 3! Fenix reaches new heights with three interchangeable headsculpts, all featuring dynamic expressions and a vibrant gold take on his iconic mask! He’s wearing black tights with a gold flame design and red-and-silver accents, as well as black kneepads and white-and-gray kickpad style boots. Fenix has accurate tattoos and four sets of hands for fiery poses. But the Supreme Collection wouldn’t be complete with just one look! He also has a “Lucha Brothers” red varsity jacket overlay as well as an interchangeable pair of sleeved jacket arms. Finally, Fenix’s championship look is complete with a vividly colorful, feathered headdress and AEW World Tag Team Championship belt. Display him out of the box or in the Supreme Collection’s unique entrance-ramp style window packaging!

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Product Details
  • Figure stands 6" inches tall
  • 4 interchangeable sets of gloved hands
  • 3 interchangeable heads each with a different expression
  • 2 interchangeable sets of arms4
  • Gold championship belt accessory
  • red, white and green varsity jacket
  • 3" tall intricately detailed headdress

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