Legends of Lucha Libre Extreme Sets Diorama


The masked legends of lucha libre wrestling have finally found an arena-worthy enough to fight in! Who will win the glory and respect? Boss Fight Studio and Extreme-Sets become the ultimate tag team and present the glorious Lucha Arena.

This impressive lucha libre arena is the perfect location to master the mysterious moves of your luchadores. This dynamic Pop-Up Diorama has the most diverse and interactive pieces ever seen in a wrestling arena. Each of the five highly detailed wall panels stands at an impressive 20” x 15” and creates a unique display for toy photography experience from any angle. The 3D Locker Set can be assembled out the box with ease, and then can be used to slam an opponent for that big fight feel. Someone disrespecting your luchador? Open up the locker door and stuff away that chump!

Included is one large 3D case and one small 3D case for all sorts of crazy action. Also includes one 3D stage, one 3D entrance curtain, and one 3D ramp for all your figures’ grand entrances! When combined, this amazing 3D Pop-Up Diorama is the perfect setting for your luchadores to hear the rush from the crowd and entertain the audience with their high stakes’ impressive moves. The final pack in are three detailed ground panels that echo the stories and moments of the luchadores. This amazing arena Pop-Up Diorama is history-making, and the perfect companion for any luchador action figure to live in.

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Product Details
  • Made of cardboard
  • Ring not Included
  • Entrance curtain leading to the stage and down the ramp
  • Seamless connecting panels
  • Move the panels around and recreate in seconds
  • Locker set with opening door
  • This product is to scale to all 6-7" action figures.