Kayden Phoenix Mexica Paperback The Majestic Latina Princesses


MEXICA, Aztec Princess is the first book and newest entry in ‘THE MAJESTICS,’ Native and Latina Princess series.

Mexico’s princess intiation has begun. To be crowned, she must solve three riddles and return with three prizes. Mexica ventures out of Aztlán with her pet ocelot, Elote, to find these prizes. Unbeknowst to her, the neighboring tribe, the Tlaxacala, is on the warpath. Mexica thinks they’re part of the princess initiation and foils their plans at every turn. Unknowingly, she saves the kingdom, eventually returning as Aztlán’s crowned princess.

Check out the latest book by Kayden Phoenix in the continuing saga of the Latina Superheroes and Latina Princess adventures!

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  • 120 pages
  • ISBN: 979898645620151489

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