Kayden Phoenix A La Brava Paperback Latina Superheroes


A LA BRAVA Team Latina Superheroes book! The sixth book in the Latina Superheroes series brings the team together finally: Jalisco, Santa, Loquita, and Bandita!

The superheroes are brought together by Muneca, an eager new agent who is looking to prove herself and her new-found grassroots organization. When the controversial Fair Share Bill, a bill that would tax billionaires, is presented to Congress, female politicians start mysteriously dying. The media calls it a series of freak accidents, but Muneca suspects that someone is behind it all. She then has the superheroes band together and stake out the possible suspects, billionaires.

Following a failed assassination attempt on President Hilda Ruth Sotomayor, the superheroes set aside their differences and work together to figure out which billionaire is causing political unrest and murders.

Get the latest book in the Latina Superheroes series to see how this groundbreaking group comes together and fights injustice!

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  • ISBN: 979898645620151499
  • 116 pages

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