JGonzo Guadalucha 18″x24″ Limited Edition Poster


Our Lady of GuadaLucha is a re-interpretation of a classic Mexican icon; blending both traditional artistic elements and Meso-American motifs to augment the historic lineage of this symbol. The Virgen de Guadalupe is re-contextuatized as an inherently Mexican fighter (a Luchador) and surrounded by viual allusions to Coatlicue – the Meso-American mother goddess. The bold colors and simple iconography are reminiscent of both Aztec Codices and Mexican Retablos embodying the ethos of the culture this piece represents.

Designed by prolific, acclaimed artist JGonzo, the creator and illustrator of The Mano Del Destino Lucha Libre series of comic books.

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Product Details
  • Print measures 18" X 24"
  • Printed in high detail on premium high quality matte paper
  • Comes shipped and rolled in a protective poster mailing tube

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