Frida Kahlo ‘Friducha’ 1.5″ Enamel Pin


Introducing the 1.5″ Friducha Frida Kahlo soft enamel pin—a striking and playful tribute to the remarkable artist and her enduring legacy. This intricately designed pin showcases Frida Kahlo wearing a lucha mask, symbolizing her resilience, strength, and unwavering spirit. Her iconic red scarf pose, adorned with vibrant flowers, is complemented by her mask, creating a captivating visual. Named “Friducha” as an affectionate nod to her nickname given by Diego Rivera, this meticulously crafted multicolored pin beautifully represents Frida Kahlo’s indomitable strength and artistic brilliance. Wear it with pride to express admiration for this extraordinary artist and as a reminder to embrace individuality, creativity and the ‘lucha’ inside all of us.

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  • 1.5" TALL

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