Custom Huichol Señor Fuego


Partnering with Marvatoys in Mexico City, indigenous artists from the Huichol/Wixárika communities spent countless hours, applying over 100 thousand beads symbolic of the journey, culture, and iconography native to the Huichol people. The art and symbology of the beaded work have deep-rooted meanings ranging from spirits to the sacred Peyote flower. We are honored to carry such a beautifully intricate, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece.

Each piece measure 7″ tall, created from an assortment of color beads native to the Huichol people. Each piece is randomly hand-beaded by specific artists with a unique story to tell across each individual Señor Fuego, no individual figure is alike.

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Product Details
  • Stands over 7" tall
  • Each piece has a unique beaded design with over 1k beads used