8oz El Luchador Loteria Tin Mug with Handle


A handmade, sturdy ceramic 8 oz tin mug featuring a loteria card design with a silver masked ‘El Luchador,’ card on the front. Each mug has either a red or a black rim on a white mug body.

The mug is perfect for your favorite cup of coffee, or as a display cup for your favorite pens, pencils and brushes.

Each mug is individually handmade and may have minor imperfections and chips, these details make each mug a one-of-kind piece.

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Product Details
  • Dimensions: 3.5" mouth-diameter, 3" height 4.5" width
  • Handmade from Sturdy Ceramics
  • Designed in Tin Cup Style
  • Slightly Flared Top for Easier Drinking and Less Spills
  • C-shaped Handle for Easy Grip

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