The Mighty Luchador is an art and vinyl toy collective from Ruby Raygun and So Electric, a brand of colorful and adventurous luchadores inspired by well-known lucha-libre icons. The Mighty Luchador was born out of the ever-changing landscape of urban toy culture.

On a dark stormy night, long ago, two world-renowned luchadores faced off in an epic battle. As legend has it, just as one of them was about to deliver the final blow, both were struck by lightning and thrust into the underworld. There the Aztec gods, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl transformed them into immortal extensions: negative and positive, evil and benevolent. Siniestro wreaking havoc and destroying any who dared cross his path. He and his army of Sombras, rampaged the planet harvesting human souls for Xolotl. El Mighty was reborn, sent by Quetzalcoatl to put an end to Siniestro’s rampage, armed with only his strength and his trusted sidekick, Señor Fuego.

 So Electric

So Electric


With an intrinsic love for all things art and design, So Electric has fostered a career on both passions for over a decade now. His dream has always been one of creating narratives melded with art. He draws inspiration from his own Mexican background, pop-culture, sci-fi, and Japanese anime.

As an Art Director he’s worked for leading ad agencies on high-profile commercials, documentaries and music videos garnering countless awards and accolades.


Ruby Raygun

3D Artist/Co-Creator

An internationally renowned designer and 3D artist with more than 25 years of experience. She’s worked for many of the world’s biggest companies like Apple, Disney, Logitec, and Cisco.

She also produces her own line of 3D printed jewelry, Sirens and Sinners. When not at the computer, you can find her wandering the SF Mission with her Dachshund Sirus, enjoying it’s vibrant community and honing her craft at local drawing classes.